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How Roof Snow Removal Works

All snow removal is to be completed on a time and materials basis. We reserve the right to assess each property on a location to location basis and in some cases, we may refuse to attempt the snow removal, should structural damage be evident, or if safety concerns cannot be rectified prior to the start of work. 

Snow removal is a crucial part of commercial roofing maintenace.  The professionals at North American Roofing can help.

North American Roofing

Commercial roofs are prone to collapse when the roof drains become covered in Ice. Drains should be cleared to allow water to escape.

  • Before scheduling can take place the owner or owner's representative is required to deem the building safe.
  • Owner is to provide North American Roofing with a Not To Exceed (NTE) amount along with a work order or purchase order number before any work can proceed.
  • North American will remove the snow from the roof according to the owner or owner's representative's specifications. All roof snow removal is to be coordinated with the owner's ground clearing contractors for handling and removal of the snow from the site at owner's expense.
  • North American will take every precaution not to damage the roof during the snow removal. However, if subsequent damage does occur North American will repair the damage at an extra charge to the owner.
  • North American will send after pictures of the snow removal along with a sign off sheet with the signature of the owner's representative if available at the time of completion.

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